“The Quran – القران – Explore, Search and Corpus”

A unique and powerful new app for iOS and Android users with advanced features

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About Our App

“The Quran – القران – Explore, Search and Corpus”, not only provide Quran readers the choices to read and listen the Holy Quran but going in to its depth and analyzing the words as well for better understanding.This unique and informative new app provides the Quran readers a lot of extra features providing more advanced study guide and research with an effortless approach to understand the right interpretation of Quran.
What makes this app unique is that along with performing search in Quran (Arabic) and Translation, it also provides advanced research of Arabic root letters and its variations which helps Quran readers in advanced analysis of Quran. Unlike other different apps available on App Store and Play store, it has complete Quranic grammar, syntax and morphology for each word in the Holy Quran. Quranic grammar is useful for further computational analysis and for those with a general interest in the Arabic language to understand the Holy Quran in true meanings.

Sleek and user friendly

The app is been designed with responsive and user friendly approach in mind.

Text Scripts

View Quran in different scripts i.e. Simple, Usmani/Uthmani, Indo-Pak and Persian.


Translation of Quran from 104 translators in 44 languages..

Word by Word

Word by Word translation available for every verse.


Listen to recitation from 35+ reciters available.


Study complete Quranic Grammar of every word for further analysis.


Search anything in Quran or in Translation by simply writing or speaking the word.

Advanced Research

Search Arabic root letters and its variations and explore further where similar word is used

Add notes

Add your personal notes against any verse you want.


Create your own “Collections” and save verses in any collection to recall later.

Language Support

App is localized in 11 different languages.

Works offline

Works even when you don’t have internet available.

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The app is available on App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play Store for Android phones.

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